Early Investors

How Axis Works

Features Of Axis


Optimized cross-chain transfers.


DEXs and derivative products providing access to cross-chain and Layer 2 liquidity, reducing slippage.

Borrowing and Lending

Different interest rates provided by Layer 2 solutions.

Benefits of Axis

Crypto-Wide Liquidity Support

Fully Decentralized

24/7 Access to Market

Layer 2 Solutions

High Volume Capacity

Multi-Currency And Asset Support

Generations of DeFi


GEN1: DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)

Decentralized exchanges were pioneered to swap any ERC-20 token with another. However, they experienced challenges with outdated infrastructure, regulatory issues and significant speed lags.


GEN2: Synthetics & Swaps

Synthetics created using no middleman or counterparty risk, lending being done by community. However, March 2020 crash saw holes in the non-interoperability with no failsafe in place.


GEN3: Interoperable & Sophisticated Trading DeFi Contracts

AXIS brings sophisticated trading to DeFi with Wall Street standards without sacrificing the DeFi ethos. Gain access to cross-chain assets and unique Layer 2 solutions through an intuitive user interface.

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