What Brought Us Together

Our vision is that finance should be open, inclusive and accessible for everyone. This is why we have named this project “AXIS”, which stands for open access.

AXIS will create an open financial system by building the first dedicated DeFi superchain, designing complete Wall Street trading capabilities on-chain and bridging various DeFi asset integrations across blockchains.

We’re not just talking about another DeFi dApp being built on top of Ethereum. We’re building the FIRST native chain dedicated to DeFi.

How we expect to get there:

One of our co-founders is Jin, co-founder of Aion and known as the Father of Interoperability among the Aion supporters. He has already drafted AXIS system architecture to carry out this vision.

In this design, there are three key milestones.

  • Milestone #1 happens before December 31 2020, where we will build out the AXIS main net (including "DeFi contracts" protocols) with level one staking (POS) functionalities.
  • Milestone #2 happens before June 31, 2021, where we will build out adaptive collateral liquidity pools tied to margin trading and other Wall Street capabilities. And all the trading functionalities will happen on-chain instead of relying on us or any other central parties.
  • Milestone #3 happens before December 31, 2021, where we will build a derivatives decentralized exchange (derivatives DEX) and build bridges to other DeFi blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance (the interoperability piece) and help to facilitate DeFi assets across-chains to be tradable in our ecosystem.

Interoperability with other DeFi chains and on-chain sophisticated trading capabilities will be the first in the industry to our knowledge, and that's why we're so excited to build out AXIS DeFi.

Maggie Xu, Co-Founder

  • Previous CEO of Decentral Inc., builder of the Jaxx Wallet with 2M+ global users
  • Previous business lawyer
  • Blockchain mentor at Techstars, Founder Institute and Junior Achievement Deloitte chapter
  • Adjunct instructor at the Blockchain Hub at York University

Jin ‘Jinius’ Tu, Co-Founder

  • Renowned Blockchain, trading & reg-tech Expert from Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Aion, China Central Depository & Clearing Co. (CCDC) and pioneering early crypto exchange.
  • Co-launched Aion ($600M peak CMC, Binance Listed)

Christine Guo, Co-Founder

  • Investment, Finance, Ops and BD for leading global startups
  • Part of a leading tech start-up Umiwi which was invested in by Jack Ma and other leading investors in Beijing
  • Hold Master of Financial Economics (MFE) from the University of Toronto and Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
  • Investment Analyst at Advisory Capital Group Canada, Canaccord Genuity Asia and Vice President at CanTech Capital

Gabriel Abed, Advisor

  • Leading authority on digital currencies, math-based protocols and blockchain technology
  • Founder and CEO, Bitt Inc.
  • Founder and Director, Digital Asset Capital Management
  • Special Technology Advisor, Government of Bermuda